OZEV Homecharge Scheme

Check whether you're eligible for the Government's Homecharge Grant, worth up to £350 off the cost of getting a home charge point installed.

Ohme ePod

Ohme ePod

Top Features
  • Power up to 7kW
  • Smart scheduling
  • Manual start-pause-stop buttons
inc. VAT

Price shown is for a standard install


Ohme's newest homecharger which is compact and compatible with all EV makes and models.

Technical Specification

Height: 230 mm; Width: 140 mm; Depth: 100 mm
Up to 7kW
Socket type
Universal Type 2
Tethered cable
3 years
Access control
Use the app to create a lock schedule to lock the charge point during certain hours.
Smartphone app
Monitor energy usage, charging costs & emissions; enter your electricity tariff; and start, stop & schedule charging sessions. Connect your car to communicate state of charge and set target (requires compatible EV model)
Fuse protection
Automatically adjusts power to avoid exceeding home's main fuse capacity when other appliances are running.
Smart scheduling
Automatic charge scheduling to charge during your electricity tariff's cheapest or greenest hours, and avoid charging above a set electricity price (requires time-of-use tariff).
Manual scheduling
Set the charge start and end times. It also integrates with BMW, Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, Nissan, Renault, Tesla and MINI vehicles to let you set the state of charge or miles of range required.
Tariff connection
Select your electricity supplier and tariff in the smartphone app so the charge point knows when prices are cheapest.
Internet connection
Internet connectivity via 2G / 3G / 4G sim.
Over-the-air updates
Receives the latest firmware and software updates over-the-air